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How to choose the Perfect Grinding Disc?


Angle grinders are versatile workhorses – depending on the disk attached, they can perform a number of tasks, from cutting through tough materials, to grinding down surface imperfections or polishing and buffing metal or paint to a glimmering sheen. Grinders can also be useful for sharpening blades, axes and tools, and with some experience, it can even be used for the sculptural shaping of objects and materials.

Grinder discs are purpose made for their specified function, whether cutting, grinding, polishing or sanding. Using the wrong disk for the job at hand, e.g. attempting to grind with a cutting disc, poses serious safety risks and will cause damage to the tool’s motor.

Disks for various applications come in a range of sizes – the below are the most common:

  • 115mm – 4 1/2 inches
  • 25mm – 5 inches
  • 150mm – 6 inches
  • 180mm – 7 inches
  • 230mm – 9 inches

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the different discs and what they are best suited for:


  • When grinding, always keep the disc moving around on the surface to ensure an even and smooth grind
  • These discs are available in various formats for grinding metal or stone. Always ensure you check the disc label for its applications
  • These discs can also be used for sharpening tools
  • It is best practice to ensure a constant grinding angle of between 15 – 30 degrees, depending on the use

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